About Us

The Australian and New Zealand Cardiothoracic Organ Transplant Registry was established at the first annual meeting of the Australian and New Zealand Cardiothoracic transplant group in Brisbane in May 1991. The relevance of the existing International Heart and Lung Transplant Registry to Australasia was limited by differences in health care systems and varying standards of contributing centres. Consequently, the ANZCOTR aimed to report the local experience, including data on donors as well as recipients, for interested medical personnel and government. The advent of the website now enables this information to be easily accessible to everyone, including members of the public and patients.

An annual report (available in pdf and powerpoint formats) is produced by June of each year and is downloadable from this site.

Data on new transplants along with updates relating to previous recipients is continuously supplied by Transplant Coordinators at The Alfred Hospital (Melbourne), Auckland City Hospital (New Zealand), The Prince Charles Hospital (Brisbane), Fiona Stanley Hospital (Perth), Royal Children’s Hospital (Melbourne) and St Vincents Hospital (Sydney).

The Registries main office is currently situated in the Heart and Lung transplant unit, L4 Xavier building, St Vincents Hospital, Darlinghurst, Sydney, Australia.

The Registry was funded by St Vincent’s Hospital Sydney from 1991 to 1997.

After this date, Registry activity was dormant due to lack of resources.

In 2003, the Registry secured funding from the Australian Commonwealth Government Department of Health and Ageing. Commencing 2009, funding is now provided by The Australian Organ and Tissue Authority (OTA).

The Current Registry Director is Senior Transplant and Heart Failure Cardiologist  Professor Anne Keogh AM.

Committee members are drawn from each of the six contributing Centres and meet normally by teleconference at least once per year.


A standardized data collection sheet for each individual patient is completed by the Transplant doctors or Transplant Coordinators of each transplant centre and submitted to the Registry (currently located at St Vincents Hospital) for central analysis. Information on each recipient include basic demographic data, survival, waiting times, factors which may affect survival such as blood group, gender, pretransplant symptom status, age, peak panel reactivity pre-operatively and cross-match status with donor.

Information on initial immunosuppressive protocol, histocompatibility with donor, and cause of death are also recorded. Donor data included basic demographic details, ischemic time, blood group and HLA typing.

At present, all data are entered into a specifically designed cardiothoracic transplant database by Spoton Software Pty Ltd Sydney using latest version of Filemaker Pro. Actuarial survival curves are constructed by the Cutler-Edere method and differences compared by Cox-Mantel testing. A p value of ≤0.05 is considered significant. Absolute data are presented as mean (±standard deviation) and median values.

The Registry is currently designing and implementing a new modern web based Filemaker database to house Registry information, allowing contributing centres individual access to directly add and utilise their information.