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ANZCOTR C/- St Vincents Hospital Sydney, Heart Transplant Unit
Darlinghurst 2010
Tel 61 2 8382 3071
Fax 61 2 9332 4267

Welcome to ANZCOTR

Welcome to ANZCOTR


The Registry contains information on every heart, heart/lung and lung transplant performed in all six Australia and New Zealand Cardiothoracic Transplant centers since they commenced being performed on a regular basis in 1984.

An annual report is produced by June each year providing statistical information on numbers of transplants performed, waiting list activity and survival outcomes. The latest report is available for download from this page in both pdf and powerpoint formats.

The Registry also contributes its Australian de-identified information to the ISHLT (International Society of Heart and Lung Transplantation) on an annual basis.

In August 2010, surgeons at St Vincent's Hospital, Sydney performed the first total artificial heart (TAH) implant operation in Australia and New Zealand.

The device (pictured) offers a new bridge to transplant option for patients suffering from end stage heart failure. By March 2011, a further 4 similar operations of this type had been performed.



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Download the 2017 annual report for the ANZCOTR in Portable Document format (PDF).

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Download the 2017 annual report for the ANZCOTR in Power Point slide show format (.ppt)


Download the 2017 ANZCOTR Data Dictionary.

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